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Our Story

Tuckspace is a new media company with a passion for upcoming technologies.


We develop specialized technical packages for businesses, brands, artists, and people looking to expand their digital presence online.

As technology changes, we experiment to find the best resources for our clients.

The history of Tuckspace is shaped by numerous achievements, innovations and milestones.


  • 2018: Tuckspace Launches!

  • 2018: Laserboy VR - A breathtaking virtual reality first-person shooter with accurate-time dilation physics (in collaboration with Protoria Studios) debuted at Neuberger Museum of Art.

  • 2019: Website & App Development begin.

  • 2019: Relocation from White Plains to Manhattan, New York City

  • 2019: Tuckspace wins bid to design website for Coolest Dog Contest Tampa Bay Florida 



  • 2020: Introduction of Area, a brand new app to connect and find new places to explore with friends.

  • 2021: Tuckspace wins Better Future Award NYC

  • 2021: Collaboration with Inkwell Global Marketing for future website development initiatives.



  • 2022: Collaboration with Teuscher for their Madison Avenue Website

  • 2022: Introduction of brand new premium website packages.

  • 2022: Pop-Up store in collaboration with CitydwellersNYC

  • 2023: Introduction of AI Website Packages & QuickSite (affordable websites for all)

Working With the Best Clients 

Protoria Studios
Inkwell Global Marketing
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Notice Studios
Teuscher Madison
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"Tuckspace does timely and professional work. They are very knowledgeable about the industry."

Steve, Salt of Life Consulting

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